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It’s crucial for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to utilize every available tax credit and financial advantage. However, unlike large companies with an accountant, financial advisor, legal team and banker to guide them, many SMBs are unaware of available credits and savings methods. Even with access to financial and legal advice, they struggle with optimizing taxes and expenses.

At Reindeer, our experienced teams are ready to bridge this gap by creating a tailored strategy to optimize your SMB’s finances. With our expertise and dedication, we will unlock your SMB’s full financial potential.

We thoughtfully optimize
and maximize your

We team up with small and medium-sized businesses to boost efficiency and drive sustainable growth. Using smart technology, we conduct detailed assessments and strategic analysis of your business operations.

Our holistic approach uncovers strategic changes you can implement to unlock hidden value in your organization and secure advantageous opportunities for your business. Everything is tailored to your long-term goals, empowering you to thrive.

These names choose Reindeer.

There for me whenever I need it—day or night.

Working with Reindeer was a very simple process: they called me, told me what they needed, and they did the rest.

My experience working with Reindeer to receive the ERC credit was painless—100%.

50+ smart platforms
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BuckRun Analytics sets
reindeer apart.

BuckRun Analytics utilizes a simple 3-step process to compile and analyze diverse data sets of your business.

Streamlined processes. Swifter funding.
Step 1


Retrieving all necessary data, our systems filter and prep all of your information.

Streamlined processes. Swifter funding.
Step 2


Our comprehensive assessment includes all expenses, employee benefits, payroll structures and taxes.

Streamlined processes. Swifter funding.
Step 3


We provide suggestions that pinpoint opportunities for risk mitigation and savings.

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Reindeer is the leader in payroll based incentives. Find out what incentives you could be eligible for with BuckRun Swift.
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BuckRun technology.
Bigger returns.

Bigger returns

BuckRun Swift:
when there’s no time to wait.

Buckrun swift

Fast–track your funds with Reindeer.

BuckRun™ Swift is an elevated level of service available to Reindeer clients. A cutting-edge funding service expedites the delivery of refunds to our clients within a four-week time frame from filing, simplifying and expediting the refund process. Complete our application to find out more!

Buckrun swift
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For Steve Walker, a New York-based clothing brand, Reindeer procured $103,278 in R&D credit.


For Harmony Senior, a Chicago-based senior living facility, Reindeer recovered $271,328 in FICA tax savings.


For Lifeplex, a Colorado-based gym, Reindeer recovered $321,498 in ERC.

“Reindeer Consultant's service is very quick, effective and most importantly efficient. We were able to get an approval for a refund in a short amount of time. They are the real deal!"

Devi Parmanan

“A truly customer centric company with great industry knowledge!”

Pearly Sait

“Last September I started the process for my company's ERC with Reindeer. By February I already had my full refund amount. Patrick was in touch with me through the process. I am a happy camper :)”

Moe Zebra

“I am so glad I chose Reindeer! They were able to get me more money than any of the other companies I talked to, and they had a 100% success rate. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking their ERC home care refund.”

Francisc Secui

“Reindeer was so helpful with claiming ERC for our company. They are everything a tax firm should be. The process was seamless and they guided us every step of the way.”

Atara Eisenreich