The Past, Present and
Future of Reindeer.

Born out of one of the most challenging periods in recent history, Reindeer Consulting Group emerged as a leader in supporting SMBs. Initially focused on facilitating access to government programs and cost-saving solutions, Reindeer quickly pivoted to meet the growing demand for ERC.

Our company’s expertise lies in owning the end-to-end process, ensuring compliance while using the strategic partnerships forged to help SMB’s when and where they need it most.

Reindeer's product offering includes a range of financial services such as insurance planning and savings, payroll services, loan programs and tax incentives, with a focus on incorporating technology to improve efficiency and scalability. By leveraging its proprietary technology and continuously seeking client feedback, Reindeer is diversifying its offerings in order to meet the evolving needs of the small business community in an ever changing world.

Meet the Reindeer Team

Josh Nussbaum

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Josh drives Reindeer’s growth and innovation. His efforts have helped thousands of businesses recover hundreds of millions of dollars in tax refunds. He has forged key partnerships, enabling the scale and growth more typical of companies far greater in size. Josh’s exceptional sales skills empower our team to collaborate with industry-leading partners, enabling them with additional tools to serve their client base effectively. He brings his prior expertise from the energy sector to the forefront of tax credit solutions.

With a notable track record, he leverages a deep knowledge of government agencies and programs to drive significant expansion at Reindeer. Prior to forming Reindeer, Josh helped many of the largest real estate developers across the country with energy conversion projects that helped them lower emissions, make the world a cleaner place, and receive valuable tax credits and incentives while doing so. Josh was responsible for lighting and energy conversion for names such as Sp+ Corporation, Tischman Speyer, Moinian Group and the project at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC amongst others. Josh also serves as an executive contributor on the Forbes Business Council.


Patrick Nussbaum

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Patrick is the architect and designer of all of Reindeers’ processes. He designs company systems, workflows and organizational structure to enable the most efficient execution. His strategic foresight and technical acumen drive the company’s success. Patrick has a keen focus on customer experience and delivering the right outcome for clients, facilitating a friction free client experience.

Patrick previously worked in the healthcare industry, assisting national healthcare networks such as Genesis Senior Living, NHC Healthcare, Ciena Healthcare and others, streamline their logistical product sourcing. This gave him intimate knowledge of various government agencies and programs, helping him understand the workflows necessary to be successful in this arena. Growing up around a family of entrepreneurs, Patrick learned how to set up and operate businesses, and help them scale. His prowess for finding solutions for complex problems makes him critical to the growth of the company. Patrick is also an active board member of non-profits that aid the Cancer Society.


Abraham Bornstein

Director of Accounting

Abraham is a respected figure in finance and taxation, specializing in business and payroll tax intricacies. His expertise in utilizing big data analytics allows him to navigate complex financial datasets with precision and insight.

Beyond tax proficiency, Abraham is known for his ability to create customized financial and operational software solutions tailored to his clients’ needs. This innovative approach helps businesses refine their workflows and improve financial efficiency.

With a deep understanding of cost allocation dynamics, Abraham is recognized as an expert in the field. His contributions have guided organizations in optimizing resource deployment strategies to align with financial objectives. Additionally, Abraham actively shares his knowledge through Continuing Professional Education (CPE) seminars, focusing on government grants, cost principles, and compliance, reinforcing the community’s commitment to excellence and ethical practice in finance.


Mo Sait

Director of Client Experience

Mo Sait serves as the Director of Client Experience at Reindeer, a position he has held since the company’s inception. His journey within the organization has included roles in sales, data collection, and eligibility assessments, providing him with extensive operational expertise and a deep understanding of the company’s objectives.

Known for his strategic thinking, Mo has played a key role in shaping Reindeer’s team dynamics. He actively participates in team formation and implements comprehensive training programs to ensure alignment with the company’s vision. Mo’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence have improved workflow efficiencies and enhanced client satisfaction.

Through his innovative strategies and dedication, Mo Sait continues to contribute significantly to Reindeer’s success, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and exceptional service delivery.


Samantha Facchinello, PHR

Head of People

Samantha Facchinello, PHR, stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the realm of human resources, embodying her role as Head of People at Reindeer with unmatched dedication and strategic insight. With over ten years of specialized experience in talent acquisition and human resources, Samantha has become synonymous with transformative leadership and organizational advancement, particularly through her emphasis on employee retention, skill development and the cultivation of high-performance teams.

Her career is a testament to her fervent passion for harmonizing HR endeavors with overarching business aims, thereby ensuring that the workforce is not only a reflection of the company’s values but also a pivotal force in realizing its strategic objectives. Samantha’s adeptness in talent acquisition has consistently enabled her to scout and secure industry-leading talent, setting the stage for a dynamic and innovative workplace environment. Moreover, her profound expertise in human resources has laid the groundwork for fostering a culture where employees are genuinely appreciated, actively engaged, and fully empowered to unlock their utmost potential.

Samantha’s commitment to nurturing robust and synergistic teams has been a cornerstone of her contribution to organizational vitality and success. Her belief in the transformative potential of investing in human capital has driven her to champion initiatives aimed at professional growth and career progression, thereby ensuring that Reindeer remains at the forefront of employee satisfaction and corporate excellence.


Sarah LaFavers

Director of Sales

Hailing from Texas, Sarah Lafavers serves as the Director of Sales at Reindeer, where her impressive two-decade tenure in sales and leadership significantly enhances the company’s strategic market positioning and growth. Her hands-on approach to leadership involves active participation in strategy formulation and ensuring her team’s initiatives are perfectly aligned with the overarching goal of optimally serving businesses nationwide.

Sarah’s profound influence on Reindeer’s revenue escalation and client base expansion is a testament to her ability to empower organizations to leverage the expertise of Reindeer’s financial and tax professionals, thereby nurturing their growth and sustainability. Her career is a beacon of success, marked by her ability to lead by example, her fervent passion for her work, and her unwavering commitment to her clients’ best interests, with a consistent focus on growth and exceptional customer experience.

Her immediate and profound impact upon joining Reindeer resonated through the organization, establishing her as a pivotal figure in propelling the company towards greater heights. Sarah’s approach to her role is akin to a seasoned athlete in the final quarter of a game, always pushing the limits to ensure the best possible outcome. As Reindeer embarks on its journey of expansion and development, Sarah’s unique blend of skills and her indefatigable drive are set to continue playing a critical role in securing unparalleled success and delivering significant value to businesses of every scale.


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We are confident in our mission and in our ability to achieve our goal of helping clients save money.

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“I work with brilliant minds every day, and am doing it for a good cause. What more could I ask for?"


Daniella Calderon,
Client Success Champion

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